Zac Haynes makes his move from Freshmen over here to BelAmi with this full photo session.

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This is our sexy Hungarian’s first appearance here and he will be back again for his hardcore debut in November.

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Dylan, like Ariel, is a Prodigal Porn Star, a model that went away for a few years only to return more beloved, fitter, leaner and sexier than before.

Jim and Dylan’s Flip Fuck Clip

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After his return, the first boy we thought to pair him with was Jim Durden. Their similarly raffish outlooks on life result in unrestrained, even audacious on-camera performances. Our intuition proved correct as the boys developed an instant attraction and chemistry for each other. This attraction is evident throughout part one as Jim cums twice. First, while Dylan is rimming him and again while Dylan is fucking him.

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Last month, we had Pascal Mauri’s debut scene here on Freshmen with Bastian Dufy. Without a partner, you’ll have the opportunity to get to know him better during this hot solo performance.

Pascal Mauri’s Hot Clip

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Pascal is one of our new Hungarian boys that have been shooting with us for about a year. He will be making his next appearance on BelAmiOnline in November and will be part of our BootCamp series on Freshmen.

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Our classic scene this month is a 2 day, 3 way affair with Sasha Chaykin, Vadim Farrell and Phillipe Gaudin. Although the boys are a bit of a disaster with a canoe, they prove themselves very adept when it comes to sex. For a bit of a change, this is an all outdoor scene with the action taking place right by the lake where they had been messing around just moments earlier.

Sasha, Vadim and Phillipe’s Hot 3some Clip

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Part 1 features Sascha getting fucked by his buddies and Phillipe taking his turn in part 2. Note for part 1, there seemed to be a bit of a problem with our cameraman during the transition from opening to foreplay and the cut is a bit abrupt, but if we can overlook this flaw it is a great scene with 3 very hot guys at the peak of their careers.

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It’s that time of the year again when we want to introduce you all here to some of our newer Freshmen boys and today we have chosen the handsome and sexy James Walsh for you.

Jason and James Bareback Clip

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James is here is a scene with Jason Bacall that was filmed for us by Mart Stevens. James had his debut on Freshmen in a scene with Jamie Durrell and will also feature there in our upcoming ‘Bootcamp’ series.

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Nate Long and Tom Bentley kiss before Tom gets on his knees to see what Nate’s got under those pants. Revealing Nate’s massive cock, Tom wraps his lips around it and sucks, doing his best to take that huge prick down his throat as it grows rock hard on his tongue.

Nate Long And Tom Bentley Flip Fuck Clip

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Nate pulls Tom up to meet his lips, pulling another kiss from them before he goes down on Tom next, yanking off those underwear and catching Tom’s already erect cock in his mouth.

Nate runs his tongue along Tom’s shaft and Tom pushes Nate’s head down, making him take it deeper as Nate gags on that thick cock.

Nate treats Tom to a different kind of oral next as he bends Tom over the bed, spreads his ass and rims it, his tongue dancing across Tom’s sensitive hole, both guys throbbing hard and ready to fuck as Nate climbs onto the bed with Tom. Straddling his lap, Tom sits on Nate’s thick cock and lets his ass stretch around it before riding that dick, his hips moving up and down as Nate’s dick fills him up. More on

When Tom’s sore ass needs a break, they flip and Nate bottoms for Tom as he slowly pushes into Nate’s hole, fucking him good and deep as Nate’s hand strokes his own cock. Watching Nate play with himself while buried in his tight ass makes Tom nut hard, pulling out just in time to shoot his load all over Nate and then sitting back to let Nate finish himself, his jizz shooting across the bed as they exchange one last kiss. More on

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Muscular hunk Randy has been waiting on his chance to smash boyish cutie Kaleb, and the time has finally cum!

Randy & Kaleb’s Hot Bareback Clip

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“I’ve been waiting over a year for this guy! I wanted him real bad, but unfortunately it just didn’t happen” says Randy. “Yeah, very unfortunate, but hey we’re here now!” replies chiseled Kaleb. He adds, “I got a little preview last year, and it’s definitely the biggest cock I’ve ever seen!”

“I’ll be easy on you. I think you’ll like it. Loosen your ass right up! It’s gotta be pretty tight from what I hear” says Randy excitedly.

“Are you going to fuck me too?” asks Randy.

“Depending on how well you pound me, I’ll return the favor!” answers Kaleb. Watch more of this on

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Muscular cutie Dexter finally returns, and he’s excited to get it on with chiseled hunk, Jack. “I had to make a trip out here, for these right here,” says Dexter, while rubbing on Jack’s abs.

Jack & Dexter’s Hot Bareback Clip

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“You’re in for a treat! You have no idea what’s coming. I’m going to have fun with this ass!” responds Jack, as he grabs Dexter’s small booty. “Yeah, I’ll make you have fun with it,” says a confident Dexter. “I cannot wait to get in there,” says Jack. Dexter teases his big cock with a quick tongue swipe, and now Jack is really ready to go. More on

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The sun is out and the water feels great, but it’s gonna take a lot more than a quick dip to cool off all the action poolside, as Vince Michaels and Lance Ford take a time out under the cabana.

Lance Ford & Vince Michaels’ Hot Clip

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After stripping each other out of their swim suits, Lance and Vince take turns going down on each other before Vince bends Lance over and has his way with him, fucking him from behind right out in the open.

Lance takes Vince’s raw cock as it thrusts in and out of him, then suggests they finish up in his private suite. He leads Vince back to his room and Vince throws him on the bed, fucking him raw every which way until Lance spews his batch all over his stomach.

Vince pulls out and showers Lance with his jizz, coating him with his first load of the summer, with many more to hopefully follow. Enjoy!

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Dorian Kross and Grey Donovan both like to get their beauty sleep, but hopefully all that sleep they got today will have them energetic and ready for some cock! Making out, they pull off their clothes and Grey gets on his knees in front of Dorian, mouthing Dorian’s cock through his underwear as he teases that shaft.

Hot Clip of Dorian Kross and Sexy Grey Donovan

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Pulling the barrier away, Grey takes Dorian’s dick in his mouth and sucks that cock, Dorian’s hand resting on his head as he encourages Grey to take it deeper. They switch places so that Dorian gets to give Grey head, kneeling on the floor as he chokes and gags on Grey’s long shaft until they’re both ready to fuck.

Lying on the bed, Dorian invites Grey to straddle him, Grey’s ass positioned just above Dorian’s erect cock as he slowly lowers himself onto that hard prick.

Riding that cock, he adjusts to the thickness and length in his ass as Dorian fucks him raw, trying another position that gives Dorian even more control.

Kneeling behind him on the bed, Dorian pounds Grey in his taut little ass, making him moan as he pulls his hair and dominates that sweet little bottom until he makes Grey shoot his load across the sheets. A few more deep thrusts into Grey’s ass has Dorian busting a nut next, spreading Grey’s ass cheeks and cumming right between them as he strokes out the last of his seed.

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