Muscular hunk Randy has been waiting on his chance to smash boyish cutie Kaleb, and the time has finally cum!

Randy & Kaleb’s Hot Bareback Clip

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“I’ve been waiting over a year for this guy! I wanted him real bad, but unfortunately it just didn’t happen” says Randy. “Yeah, very unfortunate, but hey we’re here now!” replies chiseled Kaleb. He adds, “I got a little preview last year, and it’s definitely the biggest cock I’ve ever seen!”

“I’ll be easy on you. I think you’ll like it. Loosen your ass right up! It’s gotta be pretty tight from what I hear” says Randy excitedly.

“Are you going to fuck me too?” asks Randy.

“Depending on how well you pound me, I’ll return the favor!” answers Kaleb. Watch more of this on

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The sun is out and the water feels great, but it’s gonna take a lot more than a quick dip to cool off all the action poolside, as Vince Michaels and Lance Ford take a time out under the cabana.

Lance Ford & Vince Michaels’ Hot Clip

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After stripping each other out of their swim suits, Lance and Vince take turns going down on each other before Vince bends Lance over and has his way with him, fucking him from behind right out in the open.

Lance takes Vince’s raw cock as it thrusts in and out of him, then suggests they finish up in his private suite. He leads Vince back to his room and Vince throws him on the bed, fucking him raw every which way until Lance spews his batch all over his stomach.

Vince pulls out and showers Lance with his jizz, coating him with his first load of the summer, with many more to hopefully follow. Enjoy!

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We have been saving this last scene from our Summer Break series to bring to you as part of our 25th Anniversary special. Torsten has had the hots for Christian for quite a while, but has never had the opportunity to seduce him before now.

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Hunky Sean and chiseled stud Brysen meet up for a play date, and before they make it to their destination, horny Brysen is already thinking about cumming.

Watch Sean and Brysen’s Hot Clip

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‘What do you think about jacking off right here?’ asks dark-haired Brysen, as they stand outside the house.

‘I’m so down’ giggles muscular Sean while untying his boxers.

They beat their equally huge dicks side by side, stroking faster and faster until they both shoot a creamy load, and then make their way inside. ‘You ready for me now?’ asks Sean seductively, while pulling Brysen’s meat out his boxers. ‘Oh yeah’ says a happy Bryce.

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Chiseled hunk Landon and muscular beau Jackson cool off in the pool from a hot summer day. Soon after making their way indoors, horny and hard, they decide to let off a little steam by masturbating together.

Watch Landon and Jackson’s Hot Clip

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‘Stroke that cock for me’ says chocolate-skinned Landon.

‘I can’t wait until you fuck me with that. It’s going to feel so good’ says brown-haired Jackson, looking salaciously at Landon’s massive, cut cock.

‘I’m gonna shove it so deep inside you’ affirms Landon. He continues ‘you like watching me stroke it?’

‘Yeah, it’s so hot!’ responds Jackson. They each bust a nut, and get ready to have some more fun!

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Oh man this was a fun day shooting with our mates Layton Charles, Jesse Carter and Sam Sivahn. I have shot a lot of scenes with these guys over the past year. But this is the first time getting them all together.

All 3 of them love getting naked and making porn. And I knew they would have fun playing together. But what I didn’t know was how wild the action was going to get when I started filming them. Once we started filming Layton took over, pulling out Jesse and Sam’s cocks, and dropped to his knees to suck on them both. The guys were extremely horny after having some fun in the photoshoot. More at

Layton and Sam move quickly to lube up their dicks and start taking turns at fucking Jesse on his knees. Can you believe after 18 years of filming my mates, this is the first time I have filmed a double penetration scene? And not only once, but 4 times! Both Layton and Jesse take turns at taking on two cocks at a time. Sam is working up a sweat fucking the boys.

I like their daisy chain fucking action on the couch too. In fact it’s one of the best 3 way videos I have filmed. And I’m really happy that it features 3 of my favourite mates. Make sure you check out this new scene with our horny mates, as well as their previous videos with our other mates. These guys have been very busy! More at

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Glorious clear blue skies and crashing waves are the perfect backdrops for Ryan Rose and Kayden Gray who decide that this Tel Aviv beach is clothing optional.



After briefly sunning themselves they start to explore and find the perfect place out on the rocks to deep-throat each other’s cocks.

Kayden bends Ryan over to eat his ass then slams his cock inside and pounds him hard. Ryan pushed Kayden back into the surf so he can ride his cock until he cums. Ready to bust, Kayden stands up and jerks off, shooting his load into the Mediterranean. More at Falcon Studios.

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Blond-haired Jax could not be more excited as he is about to have his first threesome with athletic Lane and well-built Manny. Tall, muscular hunk Jax gets to share these two beautiful, dark-haired bottoms and he wastes no time getting right into it.



Take it off, let’s go! Let’s get in a circle! says Jax, as the men start sucking on each other’s big dicks. Does it taste good? asks Manny. It tastes fucking good replies Lane. I got you two to myself! You two suck my dick so good says a satisfied Jax. This threesome is so hot; you’ll want to join them too! More at

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Boyish Collin Lust is on a roll pranking unsuspecting bystanders, while riding his perfectly positioned dildo on a bike! A cleverly cut hole in his shorts facilitates the action as stunned onlookers watch him go by.



Muscular Logan Styles is stunned and turned on at the same time. Athletic Collin is positive the horny hunk and his big dick can do a much better job than the dildo. He invites him over for a private one-on-one where things get even hotter. More at

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