Married Furry Blue Collar Dad
Island Studs - Married Furry Blue Collar Dad
Welder Phil is a straight married blue collar father of 3 with a naturally furry armpits and chest, white hairy ass, and super hairy cock and balls! This sexy scruffy, blue collar Pacific Northwest mountain man flop his untrimmed cock and balls out of his overalls while…

Ripped Skater Wade
Island Studs - Ripped Skater Wade
Ripped Muscle Jock Wade, a smooth 22 year old California bodybuilder, pumps up his big biceps with a full nude gym workout and then pees in the garden before skinny dipping in the swimming pool and jerking off for the…

‘Gay Shit’
Straight Fraternity - 'Gay Shit'If the guys want some on-camera pussy, they have to do the “gay shit” first. Today it’s 21-year-old Nico Stiles letting another guy suck his huge cock and helping him get off…

Seamus on Gloryhole
Straight Fraternity - Seamus on Gloryhole
All Seamus knows is that he’s going to get a great blowjob. What he doesn’t know is that it’s going to be from another guy…

18-year-old Straight Exhibitionist Jebediah
Straight Fraternity - 18-year-old Straight Rxhibitionist Jebediah
18-year-old straight exhibitionist Jebediah jacks his uncut cock on the couch after taking a shower. After some prodding, he eats his own cum for the first time…

The Chancer
Men at Play - The Chancer
Office rivalry escalates when Matthew Anders eagerly reveals to colleague Massimo Piano that he’s just been offered position of senior tour manager at the headquarters of a successful record label. Massimo can’t hide his disappointment at losing out on his dream job…

Playing with New Stud Alex Graham
Men at Play - Playing with New Stud Alex Graham
Alex Graham is a burly muscled blonde who makes his Menatplay debut this week. His thick arms and chest fill out a shirt and suit to busting point. And during his encounter with top MAP model Flex, Sam does actually burst his…

Office Threesome
Men at Play - Office Threesome
Real life boyfriends Massimo & Klein are pure fireworks to watch as they fuck on camera, and when you throw in a third stud cum-hungry bottom like Dani Robles, the result is suited-threesome heaven. They begin by feeding Dani their delicious, uncut dicks…

Rear View
Men at Play - Rear View
Marco Rubi has finished a grueling day at work but he’s not in the mood to go home yet. So he drives around in his van to see if anything catches his eye, except today he’s in the mood for a bit of white collar action. So when he sees Flex walk by fully suited and looking sharp…

Texan Mates Chris Finch and Brian York Fuck Bareback
BentleyRace - Texan Mates Chris Finch and Brian York Fuck Bareback
After I met Texan mates Chris Finch and his red headed mate Brian York in Austin last month it made sense to ask them back for a duo scene. I really wanted to see these mates getting each other off. And they were really…

Hot Mate Dave
Bentley Race - Hot Mate Dave
I just returned from a winter vacation in Europe. One of the guys I got to catch up with again was Hungarian hottie Dave Circus. The beautiful muscle boy with the fat uncut cock loves getting his gear off in front of the camera…

Texas-born Blaze Scott
BentleyRace - Texas-born Blaze Scott
Meet my new straight mate, 22 year old Blaze Scott. I met this young Texan on my last day in Austin. I love Blaze’s accent so I made sure I got him talking a lot while I filmed. He’s a really nice and laid back guy…

The Beautiful Boyfriend Chris Finch
BentleyRace The Beautiful Boyfriend Chris Finch
I want to introduce you to this cute guy I met while I was visiting Texas last month. 22 year old Chris Finch was brought along with his mate Brian York. These guys are boyfriends and were about to model for…

Fit 19 year old Jay Mercer
BentleyRace - Fit 19 year old Jay Mercer
I’m pretty excited today to introduce 19 year old Jay Mercer. He has got one amazing lean and muscly body. And he let me stroke that beautiful big cock during his video scene. He was very keen to do more as we…

Ettore Tosi & Robbie Rojo
LucasKazan - Ettore Tosi & Robbie Rojo
You know REAL chemistry when you see it. With Robbie and Ettore, there was no choreography to discuss, no blocking, no stop-and-go. We simply let them loose and did our best to capture every minute. Ettore pounds Robbie (doggie and cowboy)…

LucasKazan Hector
Before his debut scene, bearded hunk Hector takes his clothes off for an intimate solo and a candid, no-holds-barred interview. It’s no surprise the camera loves him, for his piercing blue eyes and that sexy, athletic build…

Santino & Guz
BilatinMen - Santino & Guz

Dave & Apostol
BilatinMen - Dave & Apostol

SD giving up his big ass to some big Latino Cock
BiLatinMen - SD giving up his big ass to some big Latino Cock

SF & JoJo
Naked Papis - SF & JoJo

Naked Papis - Cafe

Big-Dicked Jaime
Naked Papis - Big-Dicked Jaime

Big Dick Stairway
SketchySex - Big Dick Stairway
I needed dick so I head to the Sketchy Sex pad for an all you can eat buffet. I didn’t make it passed the stairs the whole night. I sucked all I could until some piece of meat found it’s way into my hole. From there I was pig
roasted like a slut…

Feed Me Cum

Sketcy Sex Feed Me Cum
I needed it again. Sometimes I get an overwhelming need for cum and cock and I can’t think about anything else. I went where I knew I could get it, and when I walked through the door I sucked the first cock I saw…

Bubble Butt Cum Pig

Sketchy Sex Bubble Butt Cum Pig
I was getting my ass slammed by Lucas and when I look over I see Nicoli presenting his hole on the couch. That slut needed dick bad. In walks some dude who gives it to him. Nicoli takes his load and everybody else’s too…

Need My Fix
Sketchy Sex - Need My Fix
When it hits me there’s nothing I can do. This time it started while I was fucking Wolfie and something snapped in my brain. I needed my ass filled over and over. Sliding in and out, pounding my hole hard and filling…

Drunken Frat Gangbang
Fraternity X - Drunken Frat Gangbang
Me and the boys were watching some chicks wrestling on TV and having some beers but it got lame and since frat brother Tyler was here I decided to make him suck my cock. We taped his mouth and hands and took turns…

Smart Ass Bottom Boy
Fraternity X - Smart Ass Bottom Boy
Frat brother Stone walks into the dorm bragging about how he’s wheeling this chick in his class and telling us we can’t get any pussy. So we decide the shut his mouth up by filling it with our cocks. And when we teach him a real lesson and pound his little ass, we make sure to…

Little Slut Boy

Fraternity X Little Slut Boy
We made Tyler show us his hole because we were bored and horny as fuck. The bitch got scared and started shaking which made my dick hard so it was good that we all bro’d out and decided to fuck the little slut…

Frat Bro Gang Bang
Fraternity X Frat Bro Gang Bang
The boys were watching some chicks wrestling on TV and having some beers but it got lame. And since frat brother Tyler was here I decided to make him suck my cock. And even though he whines like a bitch when we do it, I know he fuckin loves…

Bound Frat Bottom Boy
Fraternity X - Bound Frat Bottom Boy
I love pounding frat boy Tyler, but it always reminds me what a little bitch he is. So this time after making him service our dicks, we decided to tape his fuckboy mouth shut while we plowed his hot little hole…

A Matter of Size
Bel Ami - A Matter of Size
The scene was shot during one of our trips to South Africa, Peter was relaxing on the beach and taking in some sun when Jack approached him and straight up asked ‘hey are you the new guy with the big dick…

Breakfast for Lovers
Bel Ami - Breakfast for Lovers
Jean-Daniel and Adam are 2 of our most popular boys. It’s known that is not hard to convince Adam to have sex, at least it’s not if you look as sexy as Jean-Daniel does. These 2 handsome boys will show us what’s a man-to-man sex at its finest with passion should…

Zac Dehaan, Marcel Gassion and Gary Danton
BelAmi - Zac Dehaan, Marcel Gassion and Gary Danton 1

BelAmi - Zac Dehaan, Marcel Gassion and Gary Danton 2
Marcel and Gary are two naughty, hungry bottoms willing to give insatiable Zac Dehaan the ride of his life. Watch how these handsome euro boys take a big uncut cock…

Scandal in Vatican II: The Swiss Guard
BelAmi - Scandal in Vatican II The Swiss Guard
For months the boys have been doing anything and anyone they can in order to get their hands on an elusive Swiss Guard and in the finale it pays off with an explosive 4-way featuring Kevin and Claude with two stunning Swiss Guards…

Kevin Warhol and Andy McAllister
BelAmi - With Kevin Warhol and Andy McAllister
You could be perfectly justified in thinking that these two sexy boys are twin brothers. But Kevin is a little bit older than Andy, and they aren’t brothers. Other than this, they look very similar; the same playful eyes, body type…

Garden of Eden
BelAmi - Garden of Eden
In this sixth episode of Scandal In Vatican 2: The Swiss Guard, Gino is disguised as a priest and left to wander the grounds of Castello to contemplate. He promptly catches the eye of Manuel Rios, the gardener…