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Nate Long and Tom Bentley kiss before Tom gets on his knees to see what Nate’s got under those pants. Revealing Nate’s massive cock, Tom wraps his lips around it and sucks, doing his best to take that huge prick down his throat as it grows rock hard on his tongue.

Nate Long And Tom Bentley Flip Fuck Clip

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Nate pulls Tom up to meet his lips, pulling another kiss from them before he goes down on Tom next, yanking off those underwear and catching Tom’s already erect cock in his mouth.

Nate runs his tongue along Tom’s shaft and Tom pushes Nate’s head down, making him take it deeper as Nate gags on that thick cock.

Nate treats Tom to a different kind of oral next as he bends Tom over the bed, spreads his ass and rims it, his tongue dancing across Tom’s sensitive hole, both guys throbbing hard and ready to fuck as Nate climbs onto the bed with Tom. Straddling his lap, Tom sits on Nate’s thick cock and lets his ass stretch around it before riding that dick, his hips moving up and down as Nate’s dick fills him up. More on

When Tom’s sore ass needs a break, they flip and Nate bottoms for Tom as he slowly pushes into Nate’s hole, fucking him good and deep as Nate’s hand strokes his own cock. Watching Nate play with himself while buried in his tight ass makes Tom nut hard, pulling out just in time to shoot his load all over Nate and then sitting back to let Nate finish himself, his jizz shooting across the bed as they exchange one last kiss. More on

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Adrian Suarez and Scott Demarco push their bodies together as they kiss, making out until cock hungry Scott needs a taste of Adrian’s sweet prick. Scott takes Adrian’s dick between his lips, sucking and licking and deepthroating it, his mouth full of cock when they switch places and Adrian goes down on Scott.

Clip of Scott Demarco Pounding Adrian Suarez

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Adrian’s head hangs over the edge of the bed as he lets Scott face fuck him, that dick pulling in and out of his wet, warm mouth as Adrian cranes his neck to reach Scott’s ass, rimming it and earning some moans from Scott.

They 69, each sucking dick and getting sucked until they both eat each other’s asses, their faces buried between the other’s supple ass cheeks as they run their tongue around that sensitive hole.

When their asses are dripping wet and they’re cocks are hard as fuck, Adrian gets on all fours on the bed and Scott pushes his thick, pulsing cock into Adrian’s waiting ass.

Scott fills Adrian up with his hard member, pumping in and out as Adrian lets out gentle moans beneath him, turning onto his back so he can grab hold of his own dick.

Stroking his cock, Adrian watches Scott as he drives his dick into him over and over, working himself faster until he shoots his load then lies back to let Scott cum all over him too!

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Bentley Michael and Troy Admiral are both horny guys in need of release, and they’re ready to help each other with that. Kissing hard, they undress until Troy is standing naked before Bentley, his cock waiting to be sucked as Bentley gets on his knees and takes that dick in his mouth.



Twisting his head around the sensitive tip, Bentley works that shaft until he’s ready to get head himself, but Troy has a different kind of oral in mind as Bentley climbs onto the bed in front of him. Pulling Bentley’s ass toward him, Troy buries his face between those supple cheeks and runs his tongue around that tight hole, rimming Bentley’s ass and gripping his cock from behind as he licks him. More at

Bentley moans as Troy’s tongue teases his ass and when his hole is dripping wet with Troy’s spit, Troy lines his cock up with that freshly licked ass and pushes inside.

Pounding him rhythmically from behind, Troy fills Bentley’s ass up with his throbbing hard cock, fucking him as Bentley moans and takes himself in hand, working his own dick. Troy’s hand roams across Bentley’s body as his hips thrust in and out of Bentley’s ass until both guys find their release and cum hard, milking every last drop from their cock as they ride out their orgasm. More at

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You can tell by the way that Jay Alexander and Adrian Suarez grab for each other, their lips crashing together as their cocks grow in their pants, these two guys are horny as fuck. Some intense making out leads to cock sucking as Adrian gets on his knees to pleasure Jay, taking that sweet prick between his lips and sucking it hard as Jay watches him from above. Adrian’s hand wraps around Jay’s dick, pumping it while his tongue works the sensitive tip of Jay’s cock until Adrian’s tired mouth needs a break and it’s Jay’s turn for some oral.



Jay blows Adrian, his hard cock pulsing on Jay’s wet tongue until Jay turns Adrian around and buries his face between that ass. Rimming Adrian’s hole, Jay licks and fingers it to prepare it for his fat cock as he lines his dick up with Adrian’s entrance and pushes inside, barely letting Adrian stretch around his shaft before he’s pounding him, getting deep in Adrian’s ass as Adrian plays with himself. They try another position as Adrian straddles Jay, riding Jay’s stiff cock as he leans forward to capture a kiss before they switch again, Adrian on his back getting dicked down by Jay. It doesn’t take much more of Jay’s big prick to make Adrian shoot his load all over himself as Jay pauses to watch, fucking him some more until he’s ready to cum himself as he pulls out and nuts hard! More at

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