Bentley Race

Oh man this was a fun day shooting with our mates Layton Charles, Jesse Carter and Sam Sivahn. I have shot a lot of scenes with these guys over the past year. But this is the first time getting them all together.

All 3 of them love getting naked and making porn. And I knew they would have fun playing together. But what I didn’t know was how wild the action was going to get when I started filming them. Once we started filming Layton took over, pulling out Jesse and Sam’s cocks, and dropped to his knees to suck on them both. The guys were extremely horny after having some fun in the photoshoot. More at

Layton and Sam move quickly to lube up their dicks and start taking turns at fucking Jesse on his knees. Can you believe after 18 years of filming my mates, this is the first time I have filmed a double penetration scene? And not only once, but 4 times! Both Layton and Jesse take turns at taking on two cocks at a time. Sam is working up a sweat fucking the boys.

I like their daisy chain fucking action on the couch too. In fact it’s one of the best 3 way videos I have filmed. And I’m really happy that it features 3 of my favourite mates. Make sure you check out this new scene with our horny mates, as well as their previous videos with our other mates. These guys have been very busy! More at

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