Scott Demarco Pounds Adrian Suarez

Adrian Suarez and Scott Demarco push their bodies together as they kiss, making out until cock hungry Scott needs a taste of Adrian’s sweet prick. Scott takes Adrian’s dick between his lips, sucking and licking and deepthroating it, his mouth full of cock when they switch places and Adrian goes down on Scott.

Clip of Scott Demarco Pounding Adrian Suarez

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Adrian’s head hangs over the edge of the bed as he lets Scott face fuck him, that dick pulling in and out of his wet, warm mouth as Adrian cranes his neck to reach Scott’s ass, rimming it and earning some moans from Scott.

They 69, each sucking dick and getting sucked until they both eat each other’s asses, their faces buried between the other’s supple ass cheeks as they run their tongue around that sensitive hole.

When their asses are dripping wet and they’re cocks are hard as fuck, Adrian gets on all fours on the bed and Scott pushes his thick, pulsing cock into Adrian’s waiting ass.

Scott fills Adrian up with his hard member, pumping in and out as Adrian lets out gentle moans beneath him, turning onto his back so he can grab hold of his own dick.

Stroking his cock, Adrian watches Scott as he drives his dick into him over and over, working himself faster until he shoots his load then lies back to let Scott cum all over him too!

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