Troy Admirall Fucks Bentley Michael

Bentley Michael and Troy Admiral are both horny guys in need of release, and they’re ready to help each other with that. Kissing hard, they undress until Troy is standing naked before Bentley, his cock waiting to be sucked as Bentley gets on his knees and takes that dick in his mouth.



Twisting his head around the sensitive tip, Bentley works that shaft until he’s ready to get head himself, but Troy has a different kind of oral in mind as Bentley climbs onto the bed in front of him. Pulling Bentley’s ass toward him, Troy buries his face between those supple cheeks and runs his tongue around that tight hole, rimming Bentley’s ass and gripping his cock from behind as he licks him. More at

Bentley moans as Troy’s tongue teases his ass and when his hole is dripping wet with Troy’s spit, Troy lines his cock up with that freshly licked ass and pushes inside.

Pounding him rhythmically from behind, Troy fills Bentley’s ass up with his throbbing hard cock, fucking him as Bentley moans and takes himself in hand, working his own dick. Troy’s hand roams across Bentley’s body as his hips thrust in and out of Bentley’s ass until both guys find their release and cum hard, milking every last drop from their cock as they ride out their orgasm. More at

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