John Henry Fucks Xavier Ryan

John Henry gets a little grabby, unable to keep his eager hands off of Xavier Ryan as he reaches into his pants and finds that cock, toying with it a little before they both strip. John gets on his knees, wrapping his mouth around Xavier’s prick and sucking that sweet cock and balls then pushing Xavier’s legs up to reach that ass, rimming and licking Xavier’s tight hole.



After John has taken care of Xavier, he climbs onto the couch and sticks his cock in Xavier’s face, letting him get a mouthful of his big dick. Xavier licks and sucks that cock, the sounds of his wet mouth on John’s shaft filling the room until they’re both ready to fuck and Xavier straddles John. More at

Slowly lowering his tight hole onto John’s hard cock, Xavier takes the full length of John’s bareback prick, riding him hard as he leans in for a kiss.

John wants it harder and faster, standing up and bending Xavier over the chair as he takes him from behind, slamming his cock into him as Xavier moans beneath him. More at

John’s balls swing wildly as he takes Xavier hard, filling that sexy bottom with his raw dick until he’s about to bust, lying back on the couch to finish himself off as he strokes his cock until he’s covered in his own jizz. Xavier catches some of John’s cum on his tongue before kneeling in front of him and adding his own cum to the pile on John’s chest!

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