Chiseled Hottie Bobby’s Intensified JO Session

Chiseled Hottie Bobby's Intensified JO Session


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Chiseled Hottie Bobby's Intensified JO Session
He’s lean, he’s mean, and he’s here for a solo scene. Bobby Bull is coming in very hot and very ready to stroke his large cock. You’ll see him undress, just after a workout, and keep his pump going a little bit with a nice set of brisk pushups. Bobby’s style is to just go for it, and you’ll see his fierce intensity come through as he jacks off with passion. Bobby likes to communicate with every part of his body. Watch his back move into a rhythm with his hips and Bobby thrusts his hard dick into his tight fist. Join this chiseled hottie and get into a nice, sexy groove to blow off some hot steam. Watch and download full-length video after the jump…

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