Beefy Deacon and tall, fit Kurt definitely have a little chemistry on top of their good looks.

“Deacon’s cute! He’s definitely got a nice body,” says Kurt, while grabbing on his nipple.

“Yeah, I do work on that quite a bit,” says Deacon blushing. “I can tell!” replies Kurt.

Kurt & Deacon’s Hot Bareback Clip

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“So, this is your first time with a scene partner right? How are you feeling about that? Think it’s gonna be easy?” questions Deacon.

“I’m pretty excited, but I don’t know what to expect. Should be fun,” answers Kurt.

“So, are you more of a top or bottom?” asks Deacon. “I’m a bottom usually, but I do whatever,” states Kurt. “I love doing both, so maybe we can experiment both ways,” suggests Deacon.

“Alright, sounds good!” affirms Kurt. More on

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Mundane domestic activities can make for very sexy scene openings. Bob and Mario have a morning game of ‘Hide Mario’s Underwear’. This forces Mario to run around naked.

Young Studs Bob and Mario’s Bareback Clip

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Bob knows that this will end with other morning games of ‘Hide the Salami’ and ‘Horny Morning Sex’. This new generation of Freshmen loves sex. It’s manifested in the natural flow this scene enjoys their enthusiasm shown for fucking rimming and oral and their love of cumming while getting fucked. Bob doesn’t like that cum go to waste so he devours as much of Mario’s load as he can! More on

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Jeroen is getting Yoga lessons today from our Belgian friend Damon Heart. Damon was in Prague filming on the ‘The Last Rose‘ so we asked him to stay a couple days longer to see the town, and also film this scene with Jeroen.

Jeroen and Damon’s Clip

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If we hadn’t realized before, we certainly know after this clip that Jeroen loves having his ass rimmed. Even when Damon suggests that he turn around so he can suck his dick he is resolute in getting Damon to continue giving his hole pleasure. When the fucking begins we see the results of Damon’s magic tongue, as he slides right into Jeroen without hesitation and proceeds to fuck him until both guys shoot their loads at almost the same time. More on

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Tanned, chiseled hunk Murray and muscular stud Jayden are getting a quick workout in, but they’re both too horny to ignore their throbbing cocks, and decide to bring the action inside.

Murray & Jayden’s Bareback Clip

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“You taste so good,” says brown-haired Murray, as he plunges his tongue inside Jayden’s tight hole.

“That feels good. God, I can’t wait for that fucking dick!” moans Jayden. More on

Murray slides his thick, massive cock deep inside of Jayden, and doesn’t miss a beat. “Ah yeah, fuck me. Fuck me right there! Just like that!” exclaims Jayden.

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Since their impromptu threesome, Quin Quire hasn’t seen much of Alex Tanner lately, but when he finally tracks him down, he notices Alex is wearing a pair of fuck me shorts that just scream for attention. Quin tells Alex he’s ready to do it again, and Alex tells him it was a one time thing, but his eyes say something else entirely, and Quin follows him upstairs, throwing him down on the bed as he rips off Alex’s shorts and dives into his pink little hole face first.

Quin Quire Fucks Alex Tanner’s Clip

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He tongue fucks Alex and then sucks him off, and once he’s satisfied his craving, he face fucks Alex and then bends him over, shoving his hard cock deep into Alex Tanner, fucking him all over the bed before pulling out and feeding him his load. Quin tells Alex he can be in a relationship as long as Alex will still be his little fuck slut, and Alex, covered in jizz, licks his lips and agrees. More on

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Josh Farve and Baron Wade make one hell of a pair. The looks, the bodies, the cocks… what else do you need? How about the genuine passion that pours out on the screen? We figured you wouldn’t mind taking that as well 😉

Josh Farve & Baron Wade’s Hot Fuck Clip

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What is so hot about watching two young men exploring each other and really taking their time to enjoy every moment? Or is the answer to that pretty self explanatory..

Whatever the case, Josh and Baron are amazing. On and off camera. The cool thing is, what you see on your screen is how they really are in their every day lives. Two down to earth, kind, easy going boys that are open minded and really down for whatever.

How fantastic is that? It doesn’t get any better! Watch more of Jason and Baron on

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Jonny Cox has been getting more comfortable in the studio, but he’s ready to cut to the chase and get his next scene started as Jos Alvarez gets to his knees and takes Jonny’s cock in his mouth. Sucking that dick, Jos takes it deep down his throat and lets Jonny face fuck him before standing up to get some oral next as Jonny captures Jos’s thick cock in his mouth. Jos thrusts his prick into Jonny’s mouth, making him choke on that dick before climbing onto the chair and straddling Jonny, lowering his lubed up asshole onto Jonny’s erect cock and riding him hard.

Jonny Cox & Jos Alvarez’ Bareback Clip

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Playing ball with the bros till this loser fucks up the whole game. Now he’s gonna payyy for this shit. Fuck this mf. He gonna make our money back. One way or another.

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